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Related post: Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 08:18:23 EST From: Subject: Quarry Hole. ls lsm bbs Chapter bbs list erotic 2.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials kds bbs list of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one kiddie bbs nude another. Please write: I would like to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 2. Kurt pushed hard bbs cp nude into Shuey's face with his now hard meat and curlies, gripping the sandra nude bbs boy's head in his big mitt like a basketball, pushing it back, then shoving his big meat through the protesting boy's lips, and screaming, "Blow me you little queer!" Mark was right in step with Paulie, bbs nude models whose upper body bbs russian pictures was arched backward as Mark's prick drove for tongue. 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Now you a fuckin' cockeater, boy....NOW, you eatin' cock." Kurt instructively rapped Shuey's lips with his cockhead til Shue opened up again....."Tongue, boy...lemme have that bbs girl pics tongue." Shue's tongue slipped out and over his bottom lip. Kurt smacked his pumper on it again and again.....and hard as he still was, his spoo still oozing a bit....the strings of cum-spit connecting Kurt to Shuey were cock stiffening. A final rat-a-tat face smashing, lol teen bbs links cock smacking to Shuey's cheeks, 'Puck-puck-puck,' and Kurt stepped aside, clearing the way for Joey to ram his smaller, slimmer peter into their new joyhole. Next to them, but with a lot less fanfare, was Mark walin' Paulie's sweaty, beet-red face, and if Paulie even thought about spitting cum, he sure didn't do it after what just happened 2 feet away from him. 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Meanwhile, Scott was up front on his knees, between both suckboys, getting a first hand look at what he was gonna be doing in a very few seconds....seconds to Scott, that were creeping along like years. He foto bbs had long since stopped playing with his peter which was leaking a steady pre-cum stream now..... puddling on the child top board bbs rocky ground. Looking down at teen russian bbs Joey's feet, Scott saw the boy's toes stretch, splay wide, then curl under, go rigid in cum.....and then above him, the unmistakable squealing whine signaling boyshot in progress. "Eeeeeeeeeaaaaagghhh, I tenns blog bbs gotta...ahm gonna, ohgod, ohgod, OH...GODDDDD! Uh,-huh, me you teen forum bbs nn faggot cocksucker....EEEEEEAT MEEEEEEEE!!!!" Joey was screaming now....and as the echoes came back from around the quarry again and again, and again, the kids all jumped up slapping Joey's back, and yelling for their own recognition from the quarry now: "FUCK HIM! PAULIE EATS COCK!" over and over, and they were laughing and howling bbs baby fuck pic and yelling, and jpg bbs posts teens crying from their own hysteria. As Mark and Scotty hugged around Joey for such a great show, he fell backward and out of Paulie's face....when Kurt lurched forward wide-eyed...."Check teensex bbs pic it out, man! Check it out!" Kurt was hollering, and jumping to his feet, pointing at Paulie.... After Joey was mobbed by his buds and the kids stumbled backward, Joey's cumslick, spitty cock fell from bbs model videos Paulie's mouth, but bbs nudist tgp Paulie unconsciously had followed it with his tongue and had adult sex bbs dropped to all fours and was crawling for his lost prize! "Knew it....goddam it, I-I-I-I knew it! Li'l fucking queer's gotta have it man...look at that cocksucker crawl for his youngsex cp bbs pedo meat!" Kurt was in a wild high pitched screech of joy, shock, and rage all at the same time. When he got to Paulie, he whacked his face and head left, right and left, and then started cock bbs young 18 yo smacking his cheeks, nose, mouth....ever'thin'. Paulie must have been xxx password bbs toplist sun bbs crazed....he then started trying to lip and lizard-tongue at Kurt's face-smacking prick!! He didn't hear anything. The fuckin' kid was frantic...eyes bbs petit models wide, glazed over, cum and spit-slobber drooling down his cheeks and chin... With all the action at Paulie's suck stand, everybody tgp bbs 100 forgot Jerry who was no less merciful to know...seen polish teen bbs one suck, you seen 'em all....but, Jerry who was nearing peak, was also drawn to the wackiness behind him. As he turned to watch, he unconsciously stepped sideways and backwards, aimlessly trying little dark bbs to get closer to the action. That's when Mark put his finger to his lips while poking at the others...."Check that! Same fuckin' deal," he hoarse-whispered, gesturing to Jerry and Shue. There, before them, was almost a replay of the Paulie lizard Jerry absently backed up toward the others....Shuey was crawling right with him hanging his lips tight to that cockhead. Every one of them art bbs dudes whut wasn't free bbs hosts hard, was fuckin' hard right then! It was soooooo hotttt! Two buds they'd grown up with, played, showered and wrestled with all these years, were board bbs ranchi dark so hot for prick they crawled for it! Mark wildly pointed at Shuey on the ground, and Jerry looked down....Shuey had a big sheepish, knowing, lust-crazed smile broadening over his face. "Who'd a thought..." Jerry said, turning to the others...."we got us two fagboy mouths....and we had 'em all'a lsm video bbs time." With that, Kurt lunged for Paulie's ass, and turned him 'round, and with his left arm under his belly, he lifted the kid up with his bubble butt smiling right at the others, and said, "Not jus' mouth free bbs tgp gallerys man, look at 'dis," he said, as he palm paddled Paulie's ass...." man, ahm having some of 'dis, right reg'lar, dudes." Meanwhile, Scott, who had yet to be served, said, "Hold on there, kemo sabbe, not a'fore I get my rocks." Scott pulled at Paulie's arms and wrestled him away from Kurt, while Jerry who had gotten back to the mouth at hand, gave Shuey the feed-fuck of his life. He had somehow been rewired by all the eye candy around him and kasumi fan bbs he ham-slammed the fuckin' kid right young girl nude bbs through the choking, gagging and gasping til he shot his load, and he held Shuey so tight to him, the gagging boy snort-sucked the cum shot and it went down his throat and even out his nose!! When Jer pulled away, all the kids just stared at the obvious cum snot. "Will you l-l-look at THAT!!!! Mark whispered in stark was the whole bizarre scene unfolding big tits bbs that caused the whisper, but the sight of boy cum drizzin' from their bud's nose....GEEEEEEZZZ!! Undeterred, Scott dragged Paulie over to Shuey, and ordered him to lick the cum drooze off his bud's face and nose. Dumb young fucker...he just leaned in and lapped that boy jam off his pal's nose and lips, and sucked bbs board sex it down....mannn, these kids had come a long way from when they were thinking about spittin' out their buddies' newstar alexandra bbs cum! The next scene....mannnnn....take a look.... Scott mashed Paul's and Shuey's faces together, cheek to cheek, as the other kids gathered 'round. He had them lean their heads back, so their faces were looking up, and as far back as they could and still stay kneeling. Scott sidled up next to Shue's face and slid his cock over his lips, and as he pushed on, then it slid over Paulie's lips. The boys started to whistle and hoot, pumpin' bbs portal gallery themselves, as they watched those boy tongues scoot out along the sides of Scott's bigger than the average sized boy cock. Back and forth and back and ptsc picture bbs forth did Scott surge and pull that big boy meat.....ohhhhhh....he was starting bob and throb, and now had to put his finger down on it to hold it bbs pre toplist on those great teen bbs sucky boy lips. Now imgboard bbs cutie the kids were into it, their faces went left and right together as one teen land bbs as they followed the staff of their new life to be. "Godddddddd," Jerry yelled, "look at that...I ain't never seen anything like it, my god, my god it's-it''s beautiful!" he squealed, his heart pounding in his ears and his chest. Scotty, himself, was so excited, he was actually getting teens bbs 17 dizzy while he hunched his piece across those boy lips. Before he lost it, he yanked himself away, put Shuey facing Paul, and had them kiss with open mouths, tongues in each other's mouth....a couple of the other guys were getting squeamish at the sight of that.... Then, just as quickly, everybody was back into it, on their knees to get the best angle, as Scott now moved in once more with his dick of deeeee-light, and stuff-fucked it between the lip-locked boys' mouths. A high pitched "Eeeeeeeeeee," then elwebbs topkds admin gallery a "sssssssssss," followed all around the boy circle, as the cock-pierced lips broke apart, with a "S-s-s-smackkk!" and then the sight of those marvelous tongues, one under and one young bbs tgp over that long, heavy rod of boy prick. In a few seconds, every kid was panting and jacking and Scott was peaking and pumping, and he screamed to Paul and Shue lollita top bbs to get their faces together, tongues out, "Take my wad on yer tongues, so's ever'budy cin see." "Oh, uh, uhuh, ah, ah, image girl bbs ahhhhh, nnnngh-huhhhhh!" Scotty let go. His shot went up their noses, on their tongues, and to the back of their mouths, but ls magazine bbs samples they lost none of it. As he stopped shaking, he opened his tear-blurred eyes, and when they finally focused, he rubbed his cock helmet over each cum laden tongue, bucking, and spasming 2, 3, 4 times....then once more, and as he pulled out all the kids bbs nude free looked into their ls bbs angels forum buds' mouth at one of the biggest loads of boyjam you'll ever see. Their tongues looked like vanilla iced pastries. Dropping to his knees in near collapse, little cute bbs Scott joined free kiddie bbs porn his friends as they watched, awed, by the sight of those 'iced' tongues, still sticking out from my bbs girls nude their open mouths. At this point, Scott ordered them to tongue-touch, merge their cum frosting, pull apart so all could see the strings of Scotty jizz joining the boys at the mouth, and then he told them to swish the sperm jelly around, and open up again....the kids were delirious with the fascinating sites, some of them so shaky and trembling, that they fell over, before Scott yelled, "SWALLER IT, FUCKERS! SWALLER IT!" As they swallowed once, then again, and then....again, and kneeled quiet, all the kids suddenly jumped up lol bbs toplist cheering and hooting and yellin', all at once, pounding Scott's back for the "show of the day." Paul and Shuey, on free bbs in pantyhose hands and knees, were looking up watching the scene with the dumbest, half-smile looks on their faces, as if they were audience rather than the fuckin' performers...Scott being the current little girls tgp bbs director. Oh, and boy were they about to become fuckin''-deed!!! Kurt was moving to take charge of Shuey right then, and as he came up to him, he grabbed the kid's bbs yong sex grown out short little nudes bbs red-brown hair, and pulled Shuey back up on his knees, and then kept tugging till he fell backward on his hands, bbs model links and then sat to the rock ledge 'floor' on japanese adult bbs links which they'd been working out the boys the afternoon. He came 'round front with his hussyfan bbs boy wick at the i am fool bbs ready and stuffed it in Shue's mouth for 'fuck slickin', Kurt called it. Joey, Scott, and Mark closed on the action, and Paul, still on hands cp foto bbs and knees was looking back over bbs video porn his shoulder. Nobody knew what Kurt youngest bbs was up to. "On yer back fuckstick," Kurt ordered as he toed under Shuey's butt, and shoved him back down. As Shue's leg came up, Kurt grabbed an ankle and pushed back hard, till Shuey sorta rocked back on his shoulders, the other leg coming up, too. As Kurt got down to his knee, he swatted Shuey's ass, bringing that first white hand print, followed by the reddened splotch....and then pulled the cheek wide, and said to the others, "Check it out, sweet fag pussy...we gonna get to wale all aftanoon..." The other kids still didn't get it. Kurt went on.... "Ahmena be fuckin' me some queertail, boys...and y'all are welcome to join in on the funs." With that, Kurt got down and spit him a gob into Shue's crack....then another, and started right in to working his thumb into that crease....and soon enough, Shuey was doing a tiny little squeal, "Eeeeeee," bbs forum list teen and then "Shhheeesssssss." His leg went stiffened above him, and his feet curled like little half-moons, his toes clenching into the balls of his feet....and his squeals got everybody so fuckin' hot....every rod was on pump. "Owwwwwoooohhh," Shuey yowled when for the first time Shuey took strange skin inside his pucker. The only one of the others not weirded out to now, was Mark, who after getting the demonstration, took after Paulie, who he shocked with how fast he wheeled around on him and had bbs small sex movie him on his back. He burrowed in on Paulie's buttcrack and spit a couple goobers right in there and worked the slobber like he'd seen Kurt work Shue. Paul argentine bbs didn't whine like Shuey though, but went into this herky jerky, "Uhuh, uh, huhuh, nghuhuh," and they were all stilled when they heard the unmistakable, "Ohyeh, ohhh yeahhh!!" when Mark had worked his second finger in and was pumping him some boyhole. The kids were all amazed. They'd created them two cunt before their very eyes, outta buds they'd shared team sports with....and campouts and sleepovers.... all their lives. Well, Mark didn't waste any time with the mouth 'fuck slick' routine, and instead spit-sopped his hand and palmed his meat, just as Kurt sank his prod through Shuey's outer ring......"Aiiiiieeeeeeeeohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Noooooo! Oh.... hurts.....ohhhhh, pleeeeeeze...." Kurt bottomed. He looked down into the face of his lo bbs portal boy prize, and without pulling out, just body rammed, and, "UHHHHHNNGGHH! Huh..oh, uh, mmmmm, uh." Kurt waited....and waited. Mark, who was diddlin' Paulie's bud with his leaking cockhead, watched intently, every move Kurt bbs forum sex made....and when Kurt eased out slowly for the fozyabbs first pump, Mark confidently went pics bbs nudes about stuffin' his own little turkey..... maxwells nn bbs hairless teen bbs Well....this is about where we came in, almost an hour while the boys all yo kds bbs ready up for some wild funs, we can wonder where this awakening is going to take our 7 young dudes these next hours, and days....comeon back'n see rompl girls bbs us now hear?Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Jarrod749aol.comNegative or positive comments welcome.
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